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A 1 马鞍
2 马勒
3 笼头
4 鼻带
5 肚带
6 前胸带
7 低头革
8 缰绳
9 侧缰
10 马鞍扶手
11 马鞍垫
12 马蹄罩
13 马刺
14 马刺带
15 马咀套
B 1 骑士护腿
3 围裙
4 酒吧椅
5 马鞍架
C 2 马车挽具


Saddle pads
The innovation:MEMOFORM Saddle pad
Wellness for your horse!
Soft and innovative saddle pad with memory _effect
Compensates fitting problems due to saddle or conformation problems
Anti slip
One size
The unique visco elastic foam MEMOFORM with memory effect compensates for fitting problems due to saddle or conformation problems and contributes to improvement of the seat—for increased well—being of rider and horse.
The anatomic shape obviate the use of retaining straps , the pad moulds itself to saddle and horse back without slipping
Accumulation of moisture and heat are prevented by the ventilating spacing fabric which also assists quick drying after riding .
Clean the saddle pad just with a soft brush

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