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A 1 Saddle
2 Bridles
3 Halter
4 Nose With
5 Girth
6 Breast Plate
7 Martingale
8 Reins
9 Side reins
10 Safety Straps
11 Saddle Pads
12 Bell Boots
13 Spurs
14 Spurs with
15 Horse Tsui sets
B 1 Chaps
3 Apron
4 Saddle Bar Stools
5 Saddle Stands
C 2 Driving Harnees
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Saddle girth introductioin

Saddle girth
A girth is used to keep the saddle in space whilst riding the horse .Jumping girths have a belly guard to protect the horse’s belly from being hurt by its horseshoe studs whilst jumping over high obstacles . the dressage girths are shorter due to the longer billets of the dressage saddles . this design enables buckle free area underneath the rider’s leg .
Our girths are soft and spread the pressure evenly . The metal buckles are made of stainless steel.

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